Steril Ortam

Sizlerin ve personelimizin sağlığı için düzenli olarak ortam dezenfeksiyon çalışmaları yapılmaktadır.



Steril Ortam

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Gülüş Tasarımı

Hayal ettiğiniz her şey gerçektir. Güzel gülüşlere sahip olmak için.



Gülüş Tasarımı

High Technology

We are with you with our superior quality and hardware infrastructure by taking advantage of all the opportunities that technology offers us.

Expert Staff

With our expert staff, we have been providing the most accurate treatment methods, economically and accurately, for more than 15 years.

Panoramic X-Ray

Using the 360° Panoramic Digital X-ray device, we quickly plan the most accurate treatment method for you.

Free Call

In order to apply the treatment you need in the most accurate way, we perform the preliminary examination free of charge.

Welcome toMenderes Diş

Get to know your doctor.
Our clinic, which was established under the leadership of dentist Gürkan Zeybek, has been carrying out successful studies for more than 15 years.

Gürkan Zeybek, who graduated from İzmir Ege University Department of Dentistry, has been carrying out successful studies in İzmir Menderes region for many years. In the highest level of hygiene conditions, we determine the treatment methods you need in the light of technology and current developments, and provide them with a friendly service approach.

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Menderes Diş Hekimi

Why should you choose us?

Professional Team Staff

We are with you in İzmir - Menderes with our staff who follow the innovations and are specialized in their fields.

Hygienic Conditions

We provide all necessary hygienic conditions for our staff, equipment and patients.

Advanced Technological Equipment

We make use of all the possibilities of technology in our treatments, and we are constantly improving ourselves with our strong infrastructure.

Friendly Service

We make you feel at home by taking your appointments on time without making you wait.

Quick Appointment System

Contact us now and we will determine the most suitable date for you.

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